Usable and
website & app design.

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What do you need to make your project work?

Ask your customers
what they need.

The most important thing at every design stage is to answer your customers questions. Fullfill they actual needs. That makes a huge impact on your project success.

Projects I'm proud to be part of

Manage content
in one place.

Together with Magpie, we build powerful tool for all tourist operators, resellers and tech companies to manage all their content acoss all portals like Tripadvisor, etc.

Perfect ticketing

At Ventrata, we build a complex, yet simple and easy to use ticketing systems for biggest tour operators in the world.

All around travel
maps and navigation.

In Sygic Travel, we wanted to build the last travel app you will need. With offline maps, walk navigation and useful tips in location it’s everything what customer needs.

Put your profits
over the top with

I am always looking for the best productivity tools. I wanted to track my time and working hours together with my projects. There was no tool for that. So I built it.

Career. Over 10 years of experience.


UX / UI Designer

Prague | CZ2021 - Now


UX / UI Designer

San Francisco | USA2020 - 2021


Creative Director

Brno | CZ2016 - 2020


Creative Director

London | UK2014 - 2016

Sygic Travel

UI / UX Designer

Brno | CZ2011 - 2014


UI / UX Designer / owner

Brno | CZ2011 - 2012

Analysis and user experience

Usability over beauty

I'm always puting usability and goals of the project over the UI. Best way how to start a project is the analysis. We need to find out and set project's goals. Should it sell, educate or generate contacts? Who's the project customers? And how we can help them?

That's the main questions. Design of such a project should be driven by these goals, not by beautiful UI. But if we can do both, it's win win.

Do you need to code the website?

I’ll make sure it’s perfect.

Design is just one of the steps of your working project. You actually need to make it move and interact. Let me code it using simple HTML, CSS and Javascript. Like this website. Check the code. Your customers can use it right away.